How to perform 21s


21s are one of many different types of intensity techniques designed to increase the level of difficulty of an exercise and provide a greater training stimulus.

The title 21s is derived from the idea that you will be performing 21 reps of a given exercise, but the reps are going to be performed differently than the way you perform traditional reps.

The repetitions will be performed continuously, however these will be broken up into 3 different phases of 7 reps, equating to 21 total reps.

To perform a 21:

  1. For the first 7 reps you'll start by performing only the first half of the range of motion for the specified exercise.
  2. Then without pausing or resting, you'll then perform 7 more reps but now with the second half of the range of motion for the specified exercise.
  3. Again with no rest or pause, you'll continue performing the exercise but now with a full range of motion for the final 7 reps.
  4. This would be considered one set. Be sure to check the recommended number of sets for the exercise you're performing as this may range from 1 - 3 sets depending on the program.

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