How to perform tempo training


Tempo training is when the rep cadence is modified through each phase.

A repetition can be broken up into 4 different phases. We use a four digit code to represent the duration of each phase in seconds.

The first number in the tempo code is the eccentric phase. This is when the muscle is undergoing a lengthening contraction, generally when the weight is being lowered during an exercise.

The second number is the amount of time you pause after the eccentric contraction, when the muscle is lengthened, and before beginning the concentric contraction or lifting phase.

The third number in the tempo code is the duration of the concentric phase when you’re performing the actual ‘lifting’ of the weight, when the muscle is shortening. An "X" here means "explode" – lift as quickly as you can while maintaining form. 

The last number in the tempo code is the time in seconds that you hold the concentric contraction, when the muscle is fully shortened, and before beginning the eccentric phase.

Eccentric overload training is another term used to describe tempo training. However, eccentric overload training is simply a modification to the duration of the eccentric contraction.

Tempo training is not better than normal training but it can be especially useful for those who cannot lift at a normal velocity due to pain limitations. Alternatively, it can be a way to reduce load but still provide a challenging stimulus

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