Do you have programs for _____ ?

Please explore our full list of programs here:


Yes. There are programs across an entire range of difficulty and experience.


The programs are not age-based. Anyone of any age can theoretically use any program. You select the weight you want to do, and there is ample customization available should you require different exercises than what comes by default in each program.

Home Gyms/Limited Equipment?

Yes. Make sure you sort by "At Home," "Banded," "Dumbbells Only," and/or "Dumbbells and bands only." 
You can also substitute exercises, so if one requires equipment you don't have, you can swap it out for another.

Fat/Weight Loss?

Please see our article "What programs do you suggest for fat loss?"


None of the programs are designed around specific injuries, but all of them can be adapted to work around the injury or pain via exercise substitution, and/or skipping exercises that aggravate the injury.


Yes, we have a number of programs for women specifically, under the tag "Female Focus."
A full list of the programs, with a sortable filter, is available here:

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