What is the Workout Builder?

The Biolayne Workout Builder is a subscription tool that allows you to create and customize training programs to help you achieve your unique fitness goals.

The Workout Builder contains over 50 science-backed programs catering to all experience levels and training interests (strength, powerlifting, muscle building, etc.) – with nearly 400 exercise demonstrations, customization ability, and new programs updated regularly.
The programs are workouts made up of various exercises and spaced out over a number of weeks and days. The programs are all different and usually have a particular focus or goal in mind.
The Workout Builder tracks your progress, and depending on certain settings, can also recommend what weight to lift. All of the exercises have videos to show you how to do them, too. 
Key Workout Builder features include:
  • Track individual reps, keep notes, and record personal records.
  • Warm-up interface calculates how many sets and the weight you should perform.
  • Advanced training techniques such as myo-reps, 21s, rest/pause, and more.
  • One Rep Max testing and strength progress tracking.
The Workout Builder has been around for almost a decade and has thousands of satisfied subscribers. The latest revision is the best yet.
A subscription is $12.99 per month via the Workout Builder Monthly plan or $139.99 per year via the Workout Builder Yearly plan. The Workout Builder is bundled with REPS in plans All Access Monthly ($19.99 per month) and All Access Yearly ($199.99 once per year).

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